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Selections from the King James Bible 

Selections from the Gospel According to Luke:

   The Good Samaritan
   Parable of the Prodigal Son

Selections from the Gospel According to Matthew (entire):

   Chapter 1
   Chapter 2
   Chapter 3
   Chapter 4
   Chapter 5
   Chapter 6
   Chapter 7
   Chapter 8
   Chapter 9
   Chapter 10
   Chapter 11
   Chapter 12
   Chapter 13
   Chapter 14
   Chapter 15
   Chapter 16
   Chapter 17
   Chapter 18
   Chapter 19
   Chapter 20
   Chapter 21
   Chapter 22
   Chapter 23
   Chapter 24
   Chapter 25
   Chapter 26
   Chapter 27
   Chapter 28

The King James Bible: New Testament

The King James Bible is one of the most popular and enduring translations of the Christian Bible.  

Previous to the creation of the King James Bible (click to buy), most renditions of the Bible were written in Latin or Greek, and were inaccessible to all but the highest-schooled individuals.  

Translated in England around 1611 by a group of scholars, the King James Bible allowed countless of English-speaking individuals to access Christian scripture directly.  The King James Bible is, and was, known for its poetic beauty and structure.

The King James version remains as it was in 1611, and includes some language which seems archaic to our ears ("ye," "verily," etc.).  However, the themes and messages remain clear.

Many other English translations of the Bible have evolved over the past several hundred years.  Popular versions include the New International Version (NIV), New Revised Standard Version, New American Bible, and more.  Many of the most recent translations replace archaic language with modern English or American phrases.

Scholars continue to debate about the authenticity or proper rendering of various passages, and students of the Bible hold different views on which version to use.  

However, one fact is agreed-upon: throughout the history of the English language, the King James Bible has remained as one of the most often-quoted documents in existence.

The following selections from the King James Bible include two passages from Luke, and the entire Gospel according to Matthew.