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Excerpted from Grow Younger, Live Longer by Deepak Chopra. Copyright © 2001 by Deepak Chopra. Excerpted by permission of Random House, Inc.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"If you are able to look at yourself as a field of possibilities, intimately interrelated to everything else, wonderful new opportunities emerge."

  Deepak Chopra, Grow Younger, Live Longer, Part 3

Your own body/mind system is also an expression of the same quantum field that underlies everything in the universe. Therefore, you can apply these quantum principles to the way you look at your body and aging. Rephrased in terms of your biology, they would be:

1. You are not merely the physical body that you identify with out of habit. Your essential state is a field of infinite possibilities.

2. Your body is inseparably one with the whole universe. When you are perfectly healthy or whole, you feel expanded. You become constricted only when you have discomfort or dis-ease. This comes from a feeling of separation.

3. You are capable of taking quantum leaps in perception and interpretation. With these quantum leaps you can alter not only the experience of the physical body but its very structure. Your physical body is capable of taking a quantum leap from one biological age to another without having to go through all the intervening ages in between.

4. Your body is simultaneously material (particlelike) and non-material (wavelike). You can choose to experience your body as physical or as a network of energy, transformation, and intelligence.

5. Before you decide which biological age you choose to experience, you are all possible biological ages. It's up to you to decide what age you want to be.

If you choose to see yourself as a physical entity, separate from everything else, you discard the chance to reverse the aging process. If you are able to look at yourself as a field of possibilities, intimately interrelated to everything else, wonderful new opportunities emerge. We encourage you to use these thoughts to trigger a paradigm shift in your awareness. With this shift you can gain a completely different understanding of the body/mind system you inhabit, the world you perceive, and the essence of your being.

Viewing your body from the perspective of quantum physics opens up new modes of understanding and experiencing the body and its aging.

The practical essence of this new understanding is that human beings can reverse their aging.

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