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Excerpted from Inspired by Miracles by Dan Joseph. Copyright © 2001 by Quiet Mind Publishing, LLC. Excerpted by permission of Quiet Mind Publishing, LLC.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"In letting God heal her view of another person, she is letting her own mind be healed."

  Dan Joseph, Inspired by Miracles, Part 5

In the Course, this type of exercise holds a central place. According to the Course, we can’t find a real sense of peace if we’re storing dark thoughts toward anyone. The Course teaches that there is an exact relationship between holding resentments and feeling unhappy. Every dark thought that we hold toward anyone causes us pain.

When I first read this idea in the Course, I was stunned. My dark thoughts toward that slow driver on the road are causing me pain? My judgmental thoughts toward those people on television have an impact on me? The Course says yes. But it also says that if I let God show me a spark of innocence in those people, I’m doing the best thing for my own state of mind.

That is why it can be so valuable to identify our current thoughts about a person, and become willing to exchange those thoughts for miracles – God’s loving thoughts. As we do this, our own minds are healed.

If we do indeed take a minute to trade our thoughts for miracles, there are a couple things that can happen. We may begin to feel a lightening of our hearts, or we may feel stuck in our old perceptions.

If we feel stuck, it doesn’t mean that we’ve failed. The simple act of practicing strengthens our desire for a change. It is a statement of willingness to let God step in. If we hold our focus – regardless of immediate results – we may find changes in our perspective slipping in over time.

As always, a sense of peace is an indication that we’re on the right track. God’s miracles bring peace to our minds and lighten our hearts. That is what we’re aiming for.

In the example that I gave above, the person admitted that she held a negative view of her co-worker Debby. If this person is indeed willing to exchange her thoughts for miracles, she may find a warm sense of appreciation coming to fill her heart. She may see qualities in her co-worker that she had overlooked before.

Regardless of how the miracle transforms her perceptions, she will end up feeling more peaceful than before. In letting God heal her view of another person, she is letting her own mind be healed.

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