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Excerpted from Inspired by Miracles by Dan Joseph. Copyright © 2001 by Quiet Mind Publishing, LLC. Excerpted by permission of Quiet Mind Publishing, LLC.  All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. HTML and web pages copyright © by SpiritSite.com.

"God can show us a spark of beauty in this person that we may have never before seen."

  Dan Joseph, Inspired by Miracles, Part 4

Step 4. Now we can evaluate how we feel about what weíre thinking. Weíre pulling these stored-away thoughts out into the light.

Letís ask ourselves: How do we feel about these thoughts? Are they bringing us peace? If not, might we be willing to accept a new set of loving thoughts and inspired perceptions?

If we find that we are willing to receive a new perception Ė a new set of thoughts for the cubbyhole Ė letís say the following prayer:

God, I lay these thoughts before you.
I have no idea how I should look at this person.
But I am willing to receive a new view.
I give you my thoughts in exchange for your vision.

Then letís sit for a full minute and exchange, to the best of our ability, our view of this person for something new. God can show us a spark of beauty in this person that we may have never before seen. In seeing this spark of beauty, we will strengthen it in ourselves.

This can be a very holy process. It can bring peace to our minds and gentleness to our hearts. Our goal in this minute is to let our personal thoughts about this person be replaced with Godís loving thoughts about him or her.

Like we did in the earlier exercises, we can use imagery in this practice. We can, for example, imagine this person stepping out from behind a costume. The costume is the old way weíve been seeing her. But that isnít who she really is. We can envision this person shedding her old role like an actor at the end of a play, and coming forward to greet us.

Regardless of whether or not we use imagery in this process, our goal is to let a spark of Godís light be revealed in this person. We want to exchange our old ways of seeing her for Godís new way. Every time we do this with anyone in our lives, weíre letting our own minds be healed.

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