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About SpiritSite.com

SpiritSite.com is a resource for individuals on a spiritual and psychological journey.  

One of our main functions is to present print and audio selections that support the process of personal growth.  Selections are drawn from a wide variety of fields, and focus on the world's religions, relationships, psychology, general spirituality, and more.

We update the SpiritSite.com on a monthly basis, adding new audio and print selections and other features as time permits. In association with Amazon.com and other merchants, we also make available the materials for you to purchase online.

SpiritSite.com is owned by Quiet Mind Publishing, LLC, an independent publishing firm. The site's Managing Editor is Dan Joseph, whose writing can be found at http://www.DanJoseph.com. Quiet Mind Publishing, LLC also produces other websites, including Colorado-based http://www.VisitingBoulder.com.

Please note that SpiritSite.com is not involved in commercial transactions between visitors to the SpiritSite.com web site and external merchants (including Amazon.com, Real.com, and others), even if the merchant sites are contained within a frame.  Such transactions are conducted directly between individuals and the online merchants.  For customer service, technical, and other issues relating to purchases, please contact the merchants directly.  Thank you.

Comments, thoughts, corrections?  Please contact us.